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alHouda for bed & bath manufacturing, established in 1989 is a company that focuses on fresh, modern design and the pursuit of the most technologically advanced methods of production. The new factory, built in Adra-Damascus and occupying 38500 m2 is theresult of that mandate. Advanced and cost-effective design and production methods have allowed Al Houda to produce the highest

Our Products:
We produce all range of bed linen products (100% cotton) and (65%cotton, 35% polyester):
•Foam Mattresses: in different pressures and softness. 

•Spring Mattresses: all kinds of Bonnel spring with different highs, and pocketed spring. •Bed Boxes  •Portable Beds In addition of our registered trademark “Sleep Care” Products
•Bed sheets  •Pillow cases  •Blankets  •Comforters  •Comforter Bags   •Pillows  •Bed Protectors               
•Bath Towels

Also we are sole agent for some international specialized companies
•Visco-Pro: High quality Memory foam mattresses and pillows.
•GETHA: 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and pillows.
•Dormine: High quality acrylic blankets.
•Daysin colours: High quality bed linens.
We sell our products in more than 350 POS in Syria and we export our products to many countries like Jordan, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc.

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To make available and market premium and world
To make available and market premium and world
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